Chairman Chief Minister    
Vice Chairman MLA, Champhai South A/C    
Secretary Chief Secretary Pi L. Tochhawng IAS  
Asst. Secy Secretary, NIB Pu James Lalrinchhana  
Members: Contact
1 Minister, Home,  Agri., etc.    
2 Minister, Land Revenue & Settlement, etc.    
3 Minister, Finance, etc.    
4 Minister, Industries, etc.    
5 Minister, UD & PA, etc.    
6 Minister, Horticulture, etc.    
7 Minister, Food & Civil Supplies    
8 Vice Chairman, State Planning Board.    
9 Minister of State, Health etc.    
10 Minister of State, E & F, S & WC, etc.    
11 Minister of State, AH & Vety, etc.    
12 Minister of State, Sericulture and Fisheries.    
13 Vice Chairman & CEO, NIB Pu P.L. Thanga, IAS (Rtd)  
14 Principal Secretary / Commissioner / Secretary of all the NLUP Line Departments (9 Departments) Member  
15 Secretary, Finance Dept. Member  
16 Secretary, Planning Department Member  
17 Commissioner /Secretary, RD Member  
18 Secretary, L R & S Member  
19 Vice Chancellor, CAU or his representative Member  
Prominent Citizens (Non-Official members) :  
1 Pu Lalkhama IAS (Rtd) Babutlang 9436142750
2 Rev. C. Chanchinmawia Bawngkawn South 9862770660
3 Rev. R. Lalengkima Chhinga Veng 9862683099
4 Rev. K. Thanzauva Tanhril 9436371417
5 Prof. H. Lalramnghinglova Ramhlun South 9436144392
6 Pu H. Raltawna, IAS (Rtd) Electric Veng, Aizawl 2328628
7 Pu C. Lalruata Ramhlun South 9436153185
8 Pu Rualzakhuma, IAS (Rtd) Mission Veng 9436156606
9 Rev. Lalzuithanga Mission Veng 9436196217
10 Prof. Lianzela Venghnuai 9436140964
11 Pu Joseph H. Thanzuala, President, AMFU Gen. Hqrs.   9436370811
12 Pu J.C. Sengluaia Aizawl Venglai  
13 Pu Zokailiana Khiangte Mission Veng  

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